Baldur's Gate 3 (Larian Studios *) The Game Awards 2023 Game of the Year

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As the studio grows, so do our complexities in development. It was important that we put in place a UI middleware solution that could cope with all demands that Baldur’s Gate 3 required.
Artem Titov (Larian Studios)
We’ve been looking for a new UI solution that’s powerful, flexible and suitable for complex, multiplatform titles. I’m more than happy to say that we have found this in NoesisGUI. It’s slotted into our development process with ease, has tools our artists appreciate and performance our programmers love
Steve Lycett (Sumo Digital)
The MVVM pattern that Noesis uses is extremely flexible. It allows us to build large and complex interfaces that are easy to maintain
Joren Bolhuis (Triumph Studios)
We struggled to find anything that was fast and flexible until we discovered Noesis. Noesis is able to handle all of our UI needs, from immersive VR interfaces to deep content creation tools.
Jeff Petersen (Linden Lab)
We have been using NoesisGUI to great success. The system allows us to author our graphical user interfaces using industry standard solutions such as Blend for Visual Studio.
Timo Heinäpurola (Reforged Studios)
Noesis provided a versatile and reliable UI framework that was intuitive for both designers and engineers, allowing us to quickly iterate on the look and feel of a sizable project, including a last minute UI reskin that went much more smoothly than it should've!
Aaron Standridge (Kingdom Games)


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