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0001632: [C# SDK] Twemoji not supported (jsantos)
0001631: [C# SDK] Missing SizeToContent property of the Window (sfernandez)
0001643: [C++ SDK] NS_WARNING_POP Missing in BaseFreezableCollection.h (jsantos)
0001615: [C++ SDK] Hang in UIInline Container (sfernandez)
0001623: [Unity3D] Unity Engine Editor crashing randomly after hitting play a after having played previously. (sfernandez)
0001626: [Unity3D] You get a stack overflow exception if clicking a TreeViewItem that has a template set in it's style. (sfernandez)
0001505: [C++ SDK] Can't get access to application resource dictionary (jsantos)
0001440: [C++ SDK] EASTL Version (jsantos)
0001617: [Unity3D] Separator does not properly stretch in vertical orientation (sfernandez)
0001639: [C++ SDK] Assert when connecting element to a different view (sfernandez)
0001354: [C++ SDK] Remove IResourceKey from C++ API (sfernandez)
0001550: [C# SDK] ObservableCollection.Move generates a Noesis Unimplemented Error (sfernandez)
0001554: [C# SDK] Need a mechanism to know when it's safe to dispose of the FileStream object used to provide textures (jsantos)
0000878: [Unity3D] DropShadows (jsantos)
0001263: [Unity3D] ContentControl.ContentStringFormat is not implemented. (sfernandez)
0001629: [Unity3D] Get exceptions when using TextBox in MenuItem or overflow ToolBar (sfernandez)
0001379: [C# SDK] New approach for loading ResourceDictionary similar to WPF's Application.Resources (sfernandez)
0001322: [Unity3D] Implementation of IMultiValueConverter (sfernandez)
0000791: [Unity3D] IMultiValueConverter is missing (sfernandez)
0001364: [C++ SDK] Support for MultiBinding and IMultiValueConverter (sfernandez)
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Released 2020-01-07
0001612: [Unity3D] BaseComponent_Release() - Editor Crash During Playback (sfernandez)
0001603: [Unity3D] Bad XAML Causes Crash on Unity Editor Start (sfernandez)
0001607: [Unity3D] ArgumentException when assigning Image.Source = new TextureSource(texture) more than once (sfernandez)
0001347: [Unity3D] Unity bug when scrolling on touchpad (jsantos)
0001587: [Unity3D] NoesisView Garbage Generation Scenario (jsantos)
0001600: [C++ SDK] Layout freeze (sfernandez)
0001599: [Unity3D] Unity Hard Loop/Lock on Visual Tree Update (sfernandez)
0001604: [Unity3D] Keyboard/Joystick Selection Fails If Intermediary UI Element Collapsed (sfernandez)
0001602: [Unity3D] Separator does not render (sfernandez)
0001597: [C++ SDK] Warning in (jsantos)
0001594: [C++ SDK] Crash with InlineUIContainer inside a style (sfernandez)
0001572: [C# SDK] Noesis reports binding errors when clearing or changing a bound ObservableCollection (sfernandez)
0001582: [C++ SDK] Changing Grid.Row/Column while measuring the Grid ignores the changes (sfernandez)
0001565: [Unity3D] Regression from 2.2.*: Image not visible if clipped outside of screen with opacity less than 1 (sfernandez)
0001574: [C++ SDK] Opacity groups disappear when overlap bottom screen edge (sfernandez)
0001576: [C++ SDK] StoryboardCompletedTrigger does not work if used inside a template (sfernandez)
0001575: [C++ SDK] ControlStoryboardAction cannot use Storyboard defined in application resources (sfernandez)
0001570: [C++ SDK] About Style of generated TextBlocks from DisplayMemberBinding (sfernandez)
0001559: [Unity3D] GridViewColumn bindings not working when inside a template (sfernandez)
0001499: [C# SDK] GridViewColumnHeader Click event not raised (sfernandez)
0000937: [Unity3D] Click events are not registered on GridViewColumnHeader objects. (sfernandez)
0001548: [C# SDK] Need the ability to Invoke calls onto the UI thread in the managed SDK (sfernandez)
0001470: [C# SDK] CheckAccess not implemented by Noesis.DependencyObject (sfernandez)
0001560: [C++ SDK] SupportsFocusEngagement is not a recognised attribute in the Noesis.Gui.Extensions Blend extension (sfernandez)
0001561: [C++ SDK] CommandConverter does not support prefixes (sfernandez)
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Released 2019-10-02
0001538: [Unity3D] Unity Crash on Project Load (sfernandez)
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Released 2019-08-26
0000885: [Unity3D] Wrong GetTouchPosition (Parent) result in GotTouchCapture callback (jsantos)
0001537: [Documentation] Improve Gamepad mapping documentation (jsantos)
0001508: [Unity3D] Using NoesisGUI with ProGrid together cause some errors. (jsantos)
0001072: [Unity3D] Fast touch swipe on ScrollViewer scrolls even after hitting edge if you try to set scroll offset from code after swipe (jsantos)
0001405: [C# SDK] Cannot stop manipulation inertia in ListBox/ScrollViewer (jsantos)
0000866: [Unity3D] Scrolling doesn't stop if parent control is hidden (jsantos)
0001422: [C++ SDK] missing namespace in macro NS_IMPLEMENT_INLINE_REFLECTION_ENUM (jsantos)
0001518: [Unity3D] Assertion Failed, False at Vector.h 778 (sfernandez)
0001520: [Unity3D] Using sytsem fonts on iPad 2 crashes the app (jsantos)
0001489: [C++ SDK] Can't get Touch captured element (sfernandez)
0001488: [C++ SDK] LostTouchCapture not raised after manipulations are completed (jsantos)
0001527: [C# SDK] Using the delegate version of VisualTree.HitTest crashes Unity (sfernandez)
0001529: [C++ SDK] Infinite layout loop if using the same Visual as Content for 2 ContentPresenters (sfernandez)
0001490: [Unity3D] Upgrade from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3 Crash and Corruption (sfernandez)
0001514: [C++ SDK] [TSF] Candidate window is always shown even if the focus is not on TextBox or any input related control (sfernandez)
0001388: [Unity3D] XAML freezes Unity on Begin MonoManager ReloadAssembly (sfernandez)
0001515: [Unity3D] Unity Crashed when I use control template for Slider (sfernandez)
0001516: [C++ SDK] ColumnDefinition MinWidth/MaxHeight incorrectly accepting NaN values (sfernandez)
0001510: [Unity3D] Crash On Mouse Over (sfernandez)
0001501: [C++ SDK] Binding nested dictionaries don't work (sfernandez)
0001353: [Documentation] Document x:Static extension (sfernandez)
0001486: [C++ SDK] TranslateZoomRotateBehavior - add zoom from mouse wheel (sfernandez)
0001487: [C++ SDK] MouseDragElementBehavior does not work if the parent element has TranslateZoomRotateBehavior, MouseDragElementBehavior, etc. (sfernandez)
0001511: [C++ SDK] Tooltips shown without activating the hosting window, doesn't disappears when the mouse cursor leave the hosting window (sfernandez)
0001502: [C++ SDK] Weird selectable rectangle rendered in ListView headers (sfernandez)
0001492: [C# SDK] Thickness needs 2 arguments (sfernandez)
0001495: [C++ SDK] VM instance bound to a UI element is not destroyed even after the bind target is nulled. (sfernandez)
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Released 2019-04-27
0001473: [C# SDK] Application.MainWindow property is missing (sfernandez)
0001477: [C++ SDK] Can't write more than one character in an editable ComboBox (sfernandez)
0001424: [C++ SDK] crash on closing the window (NoesisApp::Window) (jsantos)
0001466: [C++ SDK] double clicking on treeviewItem collapses root node (sfernandez)
0001464: [C# SDK] GoToStateAction FindStateGroup wrong implementation? (sfernandez)
0001462: [Unity3D] Upside down images on OpacityMask (sfernandez)
0001459: [Unity3D] Noesis DLL Crash on Alt-Tab to Unity or Play Clicked (sfernandez)
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Released 2019-04-26
0001456: [C# SDK] BitmapImage strips leading "/" in paths on Linux (sfernandez)
0001455: [C# SDK] BitmapImage support for spaces in path broken in 2.2.1 (sfernandez)
0001378: [C++ SDK] PointToScreen doesn't throw error if element is connected to visual tree (sfernandez)
0001423: [C++ SDK] ToolTipService.SetToolTip on ListBoxItem Causes Crash (sfernandez)
0001449: [Unity3D] DataBinding of Uri property didn't work in Unity3d (sfernandez)
0001420: [Unity3D] Changing programmatically the Header text of a GridViewColumn has no effect (sfernandez)
0000493: [Unity3D] ListView without ListView.View section doesn't display items (sfernandez)
0001374: [Unity3D] NoesisGUIExtensions: PlaneProjection rotate OpacityMask (sfernandez)
0001373: [Unity3D] OpacityMask Vertically and Rotate Inverted. (sfernandez)
0001438: [C++ SDK] ContextMenu and Tooltip stays unclosed even when the window is deactivated (sfernandez)
0001439: [C++ SDK] LoadXAML crashes with DataTemplate as root element (sfernandez)
0001447: [Unity3D] Unity Editor Crash on TextBox.Focus() (sfernandez)
0001427: [Unity3D] Noesis renders to wrong camera in multi-camera case (Android - ISSUE, iOS - unknown, Editor - OK) (jsantos)
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Released 2019-04-04
0001429: [Unity3D] unity2018 crash (sfernandez)
0001442: [Unity3D] XAML Import Causes Unity to Freeze (jsantos)
0001428: [Unity3D] Complete Unity Crash if a popup is open when we change scene. (sfernandez)
0001421: [Unity3D] Unity Crash (sfernandez)
0001432: [Unity3D] incorrect <Expander> size (sfernandez)
0001386: [Unity3D] Not render GUI in Unity HDRP project (jsantos)
0001433: [Unity3D] Click Events Not Propagated to Multiple Noesis Views (jsantos)
0001434: [Unity3D] LeftButton wrong in MouseEventArgs (sfernandez)
0001430: [Unity3D] ListView MouseDoubleClick (sfernandez)
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Released 2019-03-10
0001079: [C# SDK] Noesis Application Framework (sfernandez)
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Released 2019-03-08
0001342: [C# SDK] System.AccessViolationException in app.Run() in ApplicationTutorial (sfernandez)
0001121: [C++ SDK] Weird focusing on TabControl (sfernandez)
0001418: [C++ SDK] Key modifiers reported by MouseDown event is not accurate when clicking on inactivate window (jsantos)
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Released 2019-03-03
0001312: [Unity3D] All 2018 versions of the Unity editor may crash on an exception when using NoesisGUI (jsantos)
0001414: [C++ SDK] NoesisGUI crash on Windows 7 SP1 (jsantos)
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Released 2019-02-28
0001327: [C# SDK] Duplicate Noesis ContentPropertyAttribute class conflicts with System.Xaml library (sfernandez)
0001326: [C# SDK] Managed Library Classes Defined in Global Namespace (sfernandez)
0001413: [Unity3D] Crash (assert in debug version) when loading page with images (sfernandez)
0001407: [Unity3D] Noesis crashes (out of memory) loading NewPaintingDialog.xaml (used to work) (jsantos)
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Released 2019-02-18
0000589: [Unity3D] Redraw render texture with API call instead of each frame (jsantos)
0001303: [C# SDK] NoesisManaged should target .netstandard otherwise it is unusable on UWP (sfernandez)
0001310: [Unity3D] MouseLeftButtonDown event gets raised twice on a double click (3 times in total), instead of incrementing ClickCount to 2 (sfernandez)
0001213: [Unity3D] Korean TextBox Typing wrong (sfernandez)
0001264: [Unity3D] IME doesn't work in Unity Windows build (jsantos)
0001243: [Unity3D] Korean IME input in Unity 2017 (jsantos)
0001359: [C++ SDK] Unable to parse StreamGeometry (jsantos)
0001355: [C# SDK] PropertyMetadata constructors like WPF (sfernandez)
0001392: [Unity3D] ImageSource throws ArgumentException when content is on separate line (sfernandez)
0001369: [Unity3D] Noesis fails to load XAML files due to NoesisException: invalid token (jsantos)
0001394: [Unity3D] Reimport all hangs in unity (sfernandez)
0001393: [Unity3D] "Document contains no elements" when using chained resources (sfernandez)
0001366: [Unity3D] Asset post processor needs write rights on source files (jsantos)
0001222: [Unity3D] VisualTreeHelper.HitTest returns element with IsHitTestVisible == false (sfernandez)
0000740: [Unity3D] No redraw region support (jsantos)
0001384: [Unity3D] <GeometryGroup FillRule="EvenOdd"> does not load in Unity (sfernandez)
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Released 2019-01-08
0001382: [C++ SDK] ContextMenuOpening event is not sent when button is disabled (sfernandez)
0000833: [C# SDK] Difference with WPF - StreamGeometryContext (sfernandez)
0001148: [Unity3D] NoesisException: Calling thread (12260) doesn't have access to this object (10004) (sfernandez)
0001381: [C++ SDK] Improvements to StringFormat (jsantos)
       0000996: [C# SDK] StringFormat de los Binding (jsantos)
0001371: [C# SDK] Removing SelectetItem from collection binded to ListBox crashing app if object type is string. (sfernandez)
0001367: [C++ SDK] Implement Binding.Delay property (sfernandez)
0001143: [C# SDK] Exception "Native type is not registered" when trying to get Parent of ToolTip (sfernandez)
0001044: [C# SDK] ItemCollection should implement IEnumerable (sfernandez)
0000739: [Unity3D] GridLength struct is not exposed to C# correctly (sfernandez)
0001043: [C# SDK] VisualTreeHelper methods should receive a DependencyObject (sfernandez)
0001356: [C# SDK] Geometry.Parse not implemented (sfernandez)
0001329: [C# SDK] Exceptions in converters is thrown at confusing times. (sfernandez)
0001163: [Unity3D] Strange values appear when calling SetCurrentValue with floats on double properties. (sfernandez)
0001323: [C# SDK] Binding Context Becomes Unavailable Inside Nested Scopes (sfernandez)
0001182: [Unity3D] App crash/hang with "Target Not Found" error when trying to stop storyboard in the same frame it's already started (sfernandez)
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Released 2018-11-29
0001235: [C++ SDK] Assertion triggered inside FrameworkElement::ResetInheritanceParent() (sfernandez)
0000660: [Unity3D] Feature request: Possibility to use systems fonts (jsantos)
0001017: [C# SDK] ItemsControl.ItemsSource not working with custom observable collection (sfernandez)
0001344: [C++ SDK] TabControl.ContentTemplate only displayed when ContentPresenter is direct child of DataTamplate (sfernandez)
0001138: [C++ SDK] Hide context menu after focus inside (sfernandez)
0001360: [C++ SDK] MouseDown/Up events come to owner control when click to context menu. (sfernandez)
0001068: [Unity3D] Support for custom Measure/Arrange (sfernandez)
0001281: [Unreal] ScrollContentPresenter.CanHorizontallyScroll not supported (sfernandez)
0001272: [Unity3D] Custom panel implementation (sfernandez)
0001064: [Unity3D] Vertical spacing above font not consistant with 1.2.0 (jsantos)
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Released 2018-11-01
0000792: [C++ SDK] Setter value not restored in a Trigger if animated (sfernandez)
0000789: [Unity3D] Brush animations won't stop playing when leaving DataTrigger. (sfernandez)
0000869: [Unity3D] UIElement C# API missing RaiseEvent method (sfernandez)
0001040: [C# SDK] Expose RoutedEvents in C# (sfernandez)
0000964: [C# SDK] Difference with WPF - Slider ValueChangedHandler signature is different (sfernandez)
0000913: [C# SDK] Difference with WPF - ItemCollection.GetItemAt(int index) instead of ItemCollection.Get(uint index) (sfernandez)
0000810: [C# SDK] Difference with WPF - event handlers (sfernandez)
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Released 2018-08-31
0001181: [Unity3D] Mismatched return types from a Converter silently fail (sfernandez)
0000620: [C++ SDK] Drag'n drop implementation (sfernandez)
0001352: [C++ SDK] Loaded event raised twice when UpdateLayout is called on children. (sfernandez)
0000573: [Unity3D] FontFamily compatibility with Inkscape (sfernandez)
0000786: [Unity3D] ComboBox-Popup stays open when containing UserControls switches to hidden (sfernandez)
0000831: [C# SDK] Datetime binding not working (sfernandez)
0000769: [Unity3D] ICommand.CanExecute returning false doesn't disable the button (sfernandez)
0000574: [Unity3D] Partial support for span (sfernandez)
0000288: [Unity3D] MVVM (jsantos)
       0000287: [C++ SDK] Behaviors SDK (sfernandez)
             0000431: [Unity3D] PlaySoundAction Behavior implementation (sfernandez)
0000410: [Unity3D] Support of custom behaviors (sfernandez)
0000787: [Unity3D] Using ColorAnimation on a Brush target crashes NoesisGUI (sfernandez)
0000473: [Unity3D] Support for all TabControl tab placements (sfernandez)
0000813: [Unity3D] FrameworkPropertyMetadataOptions does not exist (sfernandez)
0000702: [Unity3D] Scrollbars don't work in NoesisStyle (sfernandez)
0001049: [Unity3D] ListBox with HorizontalAlignment set to "Stretch" moves list content left when pressing buttons (sfernandez)
0001042: [C++ SDK] Interactivity namespace (sfernandez)
0001036: [C# SDK] Cannot add strings to InlinesCollection (sfernandez)
0001025: [Unity3D] EventTrigger.EventName property (sfernandez)
0000926: [C# SDK] Difference with WPF - collapsed controls should not be focusable (sfernandez)
0000920: [C# SDK] Selector SelectionChanged event is not works (sfernandez)
0001307: [Unity3D] Add IDictionary support to ResourceDictionary (sfernandez)
0001300: [Unity3D] Copy/paste context menu for TextBox (sfernandez)
0001298: [Unity3D] Noesis doesn't like x:Null as a value in xaml, e.g. Binding FallbackValue of Path.Stroke (sfernandez)
0001297: [C# SDK] FrameworkPropertyMetadata has all properties as read-only (sfernandez)
0001292: [Unity3D] TextBox.ScrollToEnd() does not work, You must use ScrollViewer.ScrollToBottom() Instead (sfernandez)
0001282: [C# SDK] Binding when datacontext is null. Implement TargetNullValue? (sfernandez)
0001271: [Unreal] Menu Custom Style can't normal work (sfernandez)
0001266: [C++ SDK] TextBox caret position from mouse cursor position (sfernandez)
0001265: [C++ SDK] ObservableCollection Clear() in Noesis 2.1 (sfernandez)
0001236: [Unity3D] The tabs in TabControl are always on a single line (sfernandez)
0001229: [C# SDK] LineHeight is broken for TextBlock? (sfernandez)
0001306: [C# SDK] IsHitTestVisible assinging has no effect? (sfernandez)
0001219: [Unity3D] Support for InputScope (sfernandez)
0001151: [C++ SDK] Cannot show ContextMenu programmatically when instantiating it from Resources (sfernandez)
0001144: [Unity3D] ContextMenu not closing properly when using complex template (Unity) (sfernandez)
0001140: [Unity3D] Changing value of TabStripPlacement property in TabControl object don't change anything (sfernandez)
0001118: [C++ SDK] When empty, TextBox's caret is always positioned on the left (sfernandez)
0001048: [Unity3D] Unity - Framerate drops when pressing shift+tab, tab or clicking rightmost column inside of a ListView (sfernandez)
0001214: [C++ SDK] Juggling view of ListView when horizontal scrollbar is shown (sfernandez)
0001045: [C++ SDK] Expose FrameworkElement.Parent property in reflection (sfernandez)
0001289: [C# SDK] \r counted as a letter during text formatting/aligning (jsantos)
0001073: [Unity3D] TextBlock.Stroke isn't applied to ellipsis (jsantos)
0001245: [Unity3D] Add Support for FontFamily Fallback (jsantos)
0001293: [Unity3D] LineHeight does not work - LineStackingStrategy seemingly not implemented for TextBlock (jsantos)
0001191: [Unity3D] Improved error handling (code) (sfernandez)
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