Scheduled For Release 2021-04-01
0001940: [C# SDK] IMultiValueConverter receives BaseComponent[] values when the control is hidden (sfernandez)
0001890: [Unity3D] Seemingly random Crashes in editor and build (sfernandez)
0001804: [Unity3D] Unable to view embedded user controls in xaml (sfernandez)
0001971: [Unreal] Vanilla TextBox is not rendered/working correctly in UE4 (sfernandez)
0001970: [Unity3D] ContentControl is missing virtual OnContentChanged(object oldContent, object newContent) method. (sfernandez)
0001967: [C# SDK] Random crash related to ObservableCollection (sfernandez)
0001964: [Unity3D] Crash when calling LoadXaml(true) (sfernandez)
0001963: [C++ SDK] Create a RichTextFormatterBehavior or attached property (jsantos)
0001961: [Unreal] Font not found in Linux UE4 (hcpizzi)
0001960: [Unreal] TArray inside base class not found (hcpizzi)
0001951: [Unreal] XAML assets not recognized as placed in Plugin's Content (hcpizzi)
0001953: [C++ SDK] Compile error in Error.h when running static analysis (jsantos)
0001950: [C++ SDK] Compiling error on Linux as inheriting from UNoesisInstance (hcpizzi)
0001952: [Unreal] installation to package on Linux (hcpizzi)
0001949: [Unity3D] Foreground property is not passed down the hierarchy (sfernandez)
0001946: [C# SDK] RepeatButton commits extra command when pressed repeatedly (sfernandez)
0001944: [C++ SDK] Compiling error on Linux (jsantos)
0001939: [C# SDK] Data Trigger in inline Window Style doesn't take effect (sfernandez)
0001942: [C# SDK] Change to XAML whitespace affects TextBlock.Run parsing (sfernandez)
0001941: [Unity3D] Interactivity DataTrigger not behaving exactly as WPF (sfernandez)
0001937: [C# SDK] Expose FrameworkElement AddLogicalChild(object) and RemoveLogicalChild(object) methods (sfernandez)
0001873: [Unity3D] TextBox/PasswordBox problem in UWP (sfernandez)
0001896: [C++ SDK] Implement Close logic on XDisplay (jsantos)
0001889: [C# SDK] MultiBinding's Binding list gets overwritten by list from XAML (sfernandez)
0001857: [C++ SDK] Add support for TextSearch to ItemsControl (sfernandez)
0001826: [Unity3D] HDRP render texture overlap / stacked cameras not rendering (jsantos)
0001808: [C# SDK] Difference from WPF - TextBox TextChanged signature (sfernandez)
0001816: [Unity3D] In WebGL the Last Gallery CheckBox examples (Select All) throw MissingMethodException (sfernandez)
0001968: [Unreal] Crash in Noesis.dll on XamlView->SetSize when using ScrollViewer with the name PART_ContentHost in TextBox template (sfernandez)
0001959: [Unreal] Crash importing textures in UE5 (hcpizzi)
0001965: [Documentation] Improve custom controls documentation (sfernandez)
0001962: [Unity3D] Can't get ApplicationResources dictionary (sfernandez)
0001956: [Unity3D] Viewbox also scales ToolTip (sfernandez)
0001879: [C++ SDK] Tooltip issues (sfernandez)
0001958: [C++ SDK] drop down does not focus or scroll if no default selected item (sfernandez)
0001897: [C# SDK] .NET 5 has broken RunClassConstructor workaround (sfernandez)
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