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0001522NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2020-03-20 16:44
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Summary0001522: Ellipse use too few Segments compared to Curved closed Path

This issue has first been described here :

I have an issue on the current project I work on. I was using ellipses to display circular shapes but they looked not very "clean" on the edge.
The stroke being made of not enough segments (see image below )

url to image :

We can see that the ellipse is not very clean and when activating wireframe mode, we can see that the number of segments created by the ellipse is not enough to appear as smooth as the Path does.

In terms of xaml, the path is just the same ellipse converted to a path via Blend :
The ellipse :
<Ellipse Width="256" Height="256" Fill="CadetBlue" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="5"></Ellipse>

The path :
<Path Data="M253.5,128 C253.5,197.31174 197.31174,253.5 128,253.5 C58.688264,253.5 2.5,197.31174 2.5,128 C2.5,58.688264 58.688264,2.5 128,2.5 C197.31174,2.5 253.5,58.688264 253.5,128 z" Fill="CadetBlue" Height="256" Stretch="Fill" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="5" Width="256" />

jsantos apparently confirmed this might be a bug and advised me to post this here.

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Thank you
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2019-07-25 11:33

reporter   ~0005901

Sample xaml file with issue showing (Left is ellipse with issue and right is the path without the issue). At Medium tesselation the issue is showing on ellipse and not on Path whereas on High Tesselation, the issue is decreased on the Ellipse

EllipseIssueExample.xaml (2,197 bytes)

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