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0001868NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2020-12-28 15:43
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Summary0001868: Implement Font differentiation when matching famiy names
DescriptionAfter extracting family name, face name, style, weight and stretch from an OpenType font file, WPF
runs an algorithm that resolves potential conflicts between these values. This process is called font
differentiation, and consists on the following steps:

1. Build combined family and face name
2. Extract terms for style
3. Extract terms for stretch
4. Extract terms for weight
5. Determine resolved weight
6. Determine resolved stretch
7. Determine resolved style
8. Extract numbers that describe font style, weight and stretch from face names
9. Determine final FontFamily and FaceName.

This is explained in the 'WPF font selection model' document.
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related to 0001789 assignedjsantos Font selection differs from WPF one 




2020-12-28 15:42


WPF Font Selection Model.pdf (863,736 bytes)

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