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0002021NoesisGUIUnrealpublic2021-05-21 13:46
Reportersergey_sitnikov_ninjatheoryAssigned Tosfernandez 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.12 
Target Version3.0.13Fixed in Version3.0.13 
Summary0002021: Frequent crashes during xaml reimport
DescriptionUE4 crashes frequently on xaml reimport. Sometimes it is possible to work around it by dragging and dropping xaml to the folder with existing asset, however it might crash when reimported second time.

Crash minidump has been attached.
Steps To Reproduce- Reimport xaml file
TagsC++, UE4, xaml




2021-05-14 15:15

reporter (235,086 bytes)


2021-05-14 18:28

developer   ~0007245

Hi Sergey,

Does this happen with every XAML, or just a particular one? Would you mind sharing the XAML in question with us?



2021-05-14 18:36

reporter   ~0007246

Hi, it is not happening with all xaml files, only with some specific ones, however it is hard for me to figure out what might be wrong with those.

I can share those with you, however they might require additional references to be imported as well.
The issue definitely happened with those two files in the provided archive.

As I have said earlier, usually it is fine to drag-an-drop that file to the folder with the existing one for the first time. However, any further attempts to do it that way, or to reimport the asset with the Reimport button would cause a crash. (2,912 bytes)


2021-05-20 12:44

manager   ~0007251

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Hi Sergey, I've been trying to reproduce these crashes with the provided xamls (adapted so I can use them) without luck. And the crash dump doesn't explain what could be the source of the problem taking into account the xaml files.
So I generated a new Noesis library with extra logging for you to try:
Please enable in NoesisGUI plugin settings the 'Log verbosity' to 'Normal' and attach the crash dump and logs again.
Thanks for your collaboration.



2021-05-20 18:46

reporter   ~0007252

Hi Sergio, I have attached a new crashdump with additional logs. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Sergey (280,072 bytes)


2021-05-21 11:13

manager   ~0007253

Thanks, the logs where very useful, I know what is happening now, working on the fix :)

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