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0002525NoesisGUIInspectorpublic2023-03-27 12:14
Reportersteveh Assigned Tojsantos  
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Product Version3.2.0 
Target Version3.2 
Summary0002525: Inspector: Support explicit IP communication
DescriptionHi guys,

Right now it looks like the inspector is listening to any traffic on a given port and refreshing the servers when it receives data in RemoteCommandsClient.cpp.

Likewise, the game broadcasts on the announcement socket to all IP in RemoteCommands.cpp

We've had a request internally to specify an exact IP address to listen to, e.g. launch the inspector with something like "-ListenIP=x.x.x.x", and maybe even on the game, e.g. "-InspectorIP=x.x.x.x".

This would reduce the chance of clashing / connecting to the wrong IP if we're all on the same domain.
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related to 0002418 resolvedsfernandez Add an option to limit Inspector target to local applications only 




2023-03-03 21:14

manager   ~0008321

Hi Steve,

In the latest version of the Inspector (0002418) there is a checkbox for connecting only to local IPs.

Not sure if this is helpful to you, I assume this is for consoles connected to a different IP right?


2023-03-06 19:01

reporter   ~0008324

Hi J├ęsus, I think that would partially help. However, the full solution would be a manual IP entry to support consoles as you have said. Ideally we'd be able to target a specific IP on the network so our consoles and dev machines can communicate directly without broadcasting to all IPs.


2023-03-06 23:36

manager   ~0008325

Sure, understood.

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