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0002601NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2023-08-16 19:32
Reporterstonstad Assigned Tojsantos  
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Product Version3.2.1 
Target Version3.2 
Summary0002601: Support HDR Textures in TextureSource
DescriptionI'm attempting to use BackgoundEffect in Unity. I am compositing camera output to a RenderTexture. For HDR data to be preserved, Unity requires a texture format which supports HDR (DefaultHDR/Linear). Noesis does not support this format, and it shows HDR texures incorrectly.

Ideally, a solution uses a grab pass w/ BackgroundEffect, or HDR support is added. I'll look into HDR to SDR conversion via a shader.
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2023-07-05 17:43

reporter   ~0008586

I have two layers of UI (i.e. pop-ups) and for this reason, I still require Unity HDR texture support in Noesis. Thank you!


2023-07-05 17:50

reporter   ~0008587



2023-07-06 11:30

manager   ~0008589

As far as I understand (I will verify as soon as possible) HDR textures should work (for example, with an Image). The problem is when offscreens (Opacity, Effects) are used, in this case our intermediate render targets are SDR so we should expose a way to indicate the format of this intermediate textures.


2023-08-15 22:38

reporter   ~0008638

Hey Jesus. Are you thinking that Noesis can render out to Unity-HDR format? It is R16G16B16A16_SFloat with transparency?


2023-08-16 19:32

manager   ~0008644

Yes, we can render to that format *but* our intermediate textures are not going to work correctly until this is fixed.

If you are not using intermediate texture (not Opacity, no effects) it should work. Yes, I know, a bit limited right now.

I will be come back to this as soon as possible.

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