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0002800NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2023-11-29 13:00
Reporterstonstad Assigned Tojsantos  
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Product Version3.2.2 
Target Version3.2.3 
Summary0002800: TextureSource Behavior on XBOX

I am seeing UI flickering (on/off) on Xbox. It may not be caused by Noesis -- I am not sure how I can tell? Here is a video showing what it looks like:

The UI works great on PC. Attached is the code for how I am creating RenderTexture and assigning it to a rectangle using TextureSource.

Thank you!

*edited to move PIX to private comment.
Steps To Reproduce// create render texture (use Linear for Noesis texture creation)
_RenderTexture = new RenderTexture((int)Width, (int)Height, 1, RenderTextureFormat.ARGB32, RenderTextureReadWrite.Linear);
Camera.targetTexture = _RenderTexture;

// create brush to store render texture and assign it to the rectangle
_RenderRectangle.Fill = new ImageBrush()
    ImageSource = new TextureSource(_RenderTexture),
    Stretch = Stretch.None,
    Opacity = 1.0f
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2023-10-31 18:27

manager   ~0008918

I am getting a catastrophic failure opening the pix.

Are you able to open it?


2023-10-31 22:27

reporter   ~0008920

Last edited: 2023-10-31 22:27

Yes, I re-downloaded and it opens successfully for me. My PIX says June 2023 Update 2 (2261.4304).


2023-11-02 15:03

reporter   ~0008923

Would a new PIX help? Or I can try zipping the PIX file -- but I can't imagine bit corruption is an issue here during download.


2023-11-06 18:10

manager   ~0008931

I am still getting catastrophic failures opening both captures. :( I can try upgrading to your version, but right now I am locked to this version (March 2023 Update 2) to avoid more issues with Unity and Unreal.

Could you try with March 2023 Update 2 by any chance?

If not, I am going to need a bit more of time for this.

Thank you!


2023-11-06 19:51

reporter   ~0008932

Hi Jesus. Unity 2022.3.10 LTS requires the version we are on. My understanding is that GDKs can be installed side by side. Unity only uses the version “required” by the Editor version.


2023-11-16 22:30

reporter   ~0008947

Any updates for this bug? Thank you.


2023-11-17 17:03

manager   ~0008950

I have been analyzing both captures, but it seems all frames are correct? Could you please check this, and indicate what's the frame that's showcasing the flickering in pix1 or pix3?


2023-11-17 18:27

manager   ~0008951

By the way, both captures have blur


2023-11-17 21:11

reporter   ~0008954

> I have been analyzing both captures, but it seems all frames are correct? Could you please check this, and indicate what's the frame that's showcasing the flickering in pix1 or pix3?
I noticed that the artifacts do not appear in the captured screenshot. I wasn't sure if this was a timing issue on my part and when I paused it. I will recapture or see if I can figure out what frame it is -- not sure how to do that but I will try.

> By the way, both captures have blur
Do you mean motion blur, or blur in the Noesis output? Not sure what this means.


2023-11-17 21:34

manager   ~0008955

> The above example is simpler (no blur).

I understood by this, that one of the captures didn't have blur (effect) but both have.

The captures reveal an performance issue (common to PC and XBox) that we are going to fix, but yes, having another capture showing the flickering issue is definitely going to help us a lot.


2023-11-17 22:08

reporter   ~0008956

This PIX should have BackgoundEffectBlur disabled: In the video you can see that the blurring is off, at least visually.


2023-11-17 22:28

manager   ~0008957

Is this PIX reproducing the flickering issue? That's what I need :)

I will check this later


2023-11-28 20:55

reporter   ~0008988

I am unable to capture the flickering within a PIX dump. I tried 20 exports and each of them fail to capture the flicker -- or at least I don't see it in the PIX screenshot. I have some observations related to the behavior:

- If BackgroundEffectBlur is DISABLED, the only time the flickering behavior manifests is if an active secondary RenderTexture is used with Noesis via a TextureSource.

- On the PC platform, a newly created RenderTexture is initialized to clear or it is initialized to a valid state before it is displayed. But on XBOX it contains an uninitialized state, which can look like a visual glitch before the RenderTexture is updated by a camera. A Noesis TextureSource assigned to a Rectangle will briefly show this uninitialized state. The solution is to initialize RenderTexture via a color BLT on XBOX before assigning it to a Noesis TextureSource. This change has eliminated most 'pops' of bad visual state, but it does not resolve the flickering.

I'm trying to think of what I can do. What about sending an image of the entire game? It is 22.3 GB, and it can be deployed directly to the GDK. Could this work?



2023-11-28 21:03

reporter   ~0008989

A while back, there was an issue with adorner elements resizing repeatedly ( ) -- maybe that is what I am seeing here in this video?

 I'm just trying to figure out what could cause this on XBOX but not PC.


2023-11-28 21:09

reporter   ~0008990

Last edited: 2023-11-28 21:10

* removed * nevermind.


2023-11-29 13:00

manager   ~0008991

The fact that you can't capture this with PIX, makes me think that this is a "timing" issue in the GPU. This could be related to barriers, and the render texture not properly transitioned from render target to texture. I think our code is correct on this side but I need to carefully verify this.

Do you think you can reproduce this issue in a minimal sample? This would help us a lot to narrow the cases that can lead to this issue,

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