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0002929NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2024-02-02 02:12
Reporterstonstad Assigned Tojsantos  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version3.2.2 
Target Version3.2.3Fixed in Version3.2.3 
Summary0002929: WorldSpaceUI and NoesisView Event Dispatch - ev.Use()
DescriptionWorkflows which combine WorldSpaceUI with standard NoesisViews appear to handle layering, hit testing, and dispatch of events inconsistently.

For example, certain WorldSpaceUI events work if a separate NoesisView is present (mouse enter, mouse exit), while others do not (mouse click). This behavior occurs intendent of element hit test occlusion.

A current work-around exists - disable ev.use(), in NoesisVew.cs, but it is unclear if this is an appropriate solution.

See related forum thread,
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related to 0002936 resolvedjsantos World UI Responds to Mouse Events When Cursor Hidden and Locked 




2023-12-12 15:59

reporter   ~0009020

This is likely related:


2024-01-31 17:40

manager   ~0009147

Last edited: 2024-01-31 17:40

I have been trying to reproduce this and the only explanation that I have for this is that your base layer (the one on top, with 2D UI) has the property Background set (even set to Transparent). And this is blocking the event propagation to the layer below.

Could you please check this?


2024-02-01 22:49

reporter   ~0009152

Hi Jesus. If this was the case (background is set), wouldn't mouse over events not work? But in this case, they do, but click does not.


2024-02-01 23:05

manager   ~0009153

For clicks we are using Unity events (move and over events use a different route), we are only consuming the event (when a event is consumed it is not send to next layer that is behind) when HitTesting returns a valid Visual. If you haven't set the Background property, the HitTest should be null in empty areas of your UI.

Could you confirm this?



2024-02-02 00:07

reporter   ~0009154


I reenabled this code in NoesisView.cs:

if (HitTest(mouse.x, mouse.y))
   ev.Use(); // was previously commented out

I can confirm 1) mouse enter, 2) over, and 3) click work in the WorldSpaceUI while a NoesisView shows content layered above. I believe the issue I had before was that click events were not working but mouse over was working. It is consistent now, and perhaps I had a background set before?

Here is a video of the current behavior, which I suspect is correct.

If you are in agreement, please feel free to close this out.


2024-02-02 02:12

manager   ~0009156

Yes, I would say you had a background set (even to "Transparent") before.

Thanks for the feedback!

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