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0003203NoesisGUIStudiopublic2024-05-08 16:25
Reporterdstewart Assigned Todfranjic  
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Summary0003203: Non-Destructive Assets Folder/File Renaming is Not Possible
DescriptionCurrently, it's prohibitively difficult to rename any folders created in the Assets panel without breaking the UI.

The only way to rename a Folder currently, is to perform the Folder rename, watch everything break, and then to dig through every single layer across every Page/Component, to find where something was used, and to update the Path or Delete the Old, and drag in the New.

Renaming a Folder, or Renaming an Asset should be accompanied by references to it being updated in all cases.

Steps To ReproduceRepro Steps:

1) Create a Page
2) Create a new folder in the Assets panel, and name it "MyStuff".
3) Create a couple Components within this "MyStuff" folder. (ensuring that the Components have changes made that makes them visually visible)
4) Place the components on the canvas of the Page created in Step 1.
5) Return to the Navigator, and rename the "MyStuff" folder to "Components".

Observe how all components on the Page, break, and disappear from view.

Expected Result: Renaming Assets, or their Folders, should not break previously-constructed UI.
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2024-05-08 16:25

developer   ~0009502

This should now work with r13875. :D

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