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0003374NoesisGUIStudiopublic2024-06-13 16:02
Reporterdstewart Assigned Todfranjic  
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Summary0003374: Hand-Typing a Binding Path Does Not Get Submitted when pressing [Enter]
DescriptionIf hand-typing a Binding's Path, pressing [Enter] after inputting it, does not apply it.

See repro steps below.
Steps To ReproduceRepro Steps:

1) Create a Page
2) Add a TextBlock to the Page
3) Navigate to the Data Panel, and create a Data Structure (of any name)
4) Within the Data Structure, add a property to the Data Structure created in Step 3). It can be of any name, but perhaps make it of Type: String. Also ensure the Min word count is at least 1.
5) Within the Data Sets, assign this Data Structure and content created in Step 3) and Step 4) to the Page created in Step 1)
6) Generate Placeholder data
6) Select the TextBlock on the Stage of the Page.
7) Select the 3-Dot menu for the "Text" property of the TextBlock, and in the "Path" input field, type the name of the Data Set/Property created in Step 4).
8) Press [Enter] inside after typing the Binding path.

Observe how the TextBlock's content on-Stage has not updated with the content of the data binding.

9) Click in any other field in the Properties panel for the TextBlock.

Observe how now the TextBlock is displaying the text coming from data.

Expected Result: Paths are submitted to the application when pressing [Enter] and the typed name is valid.
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2024-06-13 16:02

developer   ~0009702

The Path textbox should act like a normal property value now (Escape to cancel changes, Enter to apply changes).

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