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0003375NoesisGUIStudiopublic2024-06-13 16:03
Reporterdstewart Assigned Todfranjic  
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Summary0003375: Studio Crashes When Inputting Default Transition Time Value
DescriptionCurrently, Studio crashes when editing the 'Default Transition' time in the Visual States panel.
Dump Attached.
Steps To ReproduceRepro Steps:

1) Create a Page
2) Add a Button to the Page.
3) Create a Template for the Page, enter it to edit it, and navigate to the Animation Panel.
4) Within the Visual States, adjust the 'Default Transition' time value by either inputting a number by typing, or clicking and dragging rightwards to increase the value.

Observe the application crashing.

Expected Result: Visual State Default Transition time values can be changed without crashing,.
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2024-06-10 17:32


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