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0003381NoesisGUIStudiopublic2024-06-13 16:05
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Summary0003381: Modifying the Position of an Anchor Point in a Path Animation Affects More Properties than Required
DescriptionCurrently, if you animate the position of an anchor point, it will key and change far more Properties than are required to complete the operation.
This adds unnecessary bloat to the Animation Timeline, and introduces more surfaces for things to potentially go wrong in increasing the complexity.
Steps To ReproduceRepro Steps:
(Note that you will need an SVG asset available to reproduce the steps)

1) Create a Page
2) Right-Click on the Page's Root Grid, and from the Context Menu, select Edit-->Import SVG.
3) Select an SVG, which will import it to the Page.
4) Navigate to the Animations Panel and create a new Storyboard. Upon the creation, the Timeline will appear, and you will be entered into Storyboard 'Edit' mode.
5) Set the Playhead to further down the Timeline (example: 1 second down the line)
6) Select the Path Selection (Shortcut [A] ), and click on any anchor point in the SVG Path.
7) Click and Drag the anchor point in any direction.
8) In the Timeline, expand the Path in the timeline to see all properties modified.

Observe how the Top, Width, Height, Margin, Left, and Data properties have all been changed as a result of a change in position of the anchor point.

Expected Results: Given the modification that was made, only the Path/Data Property should have been modified in the process.
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related to 0002865 resolveddfranjic Animating Path points produces a lot of changes in other properties 




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