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0003386NoesisGUIStudiopublic2024-06-11 20:15
Reporterdstewart Assigned Tosfernandez  
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Product VersionStudio_Alpha 
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Summary0003386: Actions Missing from Keyframe Context Menu
DescriptionCurrently, only the 'Copy' action exists when Right-Clicking on a Keyframe in the Animation Timeline.

This ticket is to propose the addition of the following:

0) Copy (as-is)

1) Paste (If the context menu is opened from the keyframe, replaces at the timestamp of the selected keyframe ---- if the context menu is actioned from the Timeline background, pastes the keyframe at the current position of the playhead)

2) Cut (Copies current keyframe, then deletes it, whilst keeping copied values in clipboard)

3) Delete (Removes right-clicked keyframe)

Note: I got the colour wrong in the mockup, the hover background on the individual item should be blue on "non-disabled" context menu items instead of grey
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2024-06-11 17:50


KeyframeContextMenu.jpg (36,829 bytes)   
KeyframeContextMenu.jpg (36,829 bytes)   

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