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0003390NoesisGUIStudiopublic2024-07-10 16:28
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Summary0003390: Controller Focus Exits Viewport and Enters Studio
DescriptionAlthough there could be an argument for this being a 'feature', we probably should lock off gamepads from controlling the Studio menus when a project is in 'Playback' mode and the expectation that the controller index only applies to within the current viewport.

Video attached. All navigation shown was using the DPad on a controller.
Steps To ReproduceRepro Steps:

Note that you will require a game controller to reproduce this:

1) Connect/Turn on a controller. In my case, I'm using an Xbox one.
2) Using the mouse, open the 'Squad' Noesis project from the included samples.
3) Press 'Play' to interact with the project.
4) Use the Directional Pad to move up/down/left/right in all sorts of directions continuously. Additionally, observe how actuating LT/RT cycles through the Function Tabs!

Observe how the selection index at a certain point, exits the focus of the Project's interface, and enters the Studio interface.

Expected Results: Controller interactions are bound to within the viewport when a project is in Playback mode.
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