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StringFilterPredicate Class

namespace NoesisApp

Predicate that matches a filter string against item text representation.

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Name Description
None Filter Gets or sets string filter used by this predicate

DP_ Dependency Property      RO_ Read-only

From FilterPredicate

Name Description
None ItemsSource Gets or sets the source collection of items

DP_ Dependency Property      RO_ Read-only


From FilterPredicate

Name Description
BeginUpdate Indicates that source collection is being updated, so we disable notifications to avoid refreshing the filter more than necessary
EndUpdate Indicates that source collection has finished the updating process, we can now re-evaluate the filter if it any changes had occurred
Matches Called to evaluate the predicate against the provided item
NeedsRefresh Indicates if filter should be re-evaluated after an item property change
Refresh Re-evaluates the filter over the list


From FilterPredicate

Name Description
D FilterRequired Indicates that conditions changed and filter needs to be re-evaluated

R Routed Event      N Non-routed Event      D Delegate Event

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