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Provides a representation of a uniform resource identifier and easy access to parts of the URI.

In NoesisGUI, uniform resource identifiers (URIs) are used to identify and load resources like Images, Fonts and Dictionaries. Two kind of URIs are supported: absolute and relative.

Non-absolute URIs are considered relative to the location of the XAML that contains the reference. For example:

<Image Source="Images/icon.png" />

Absolute URIs start with '/' and might be preceded by pack://application:,,, and/or a reference to an assembly like /Assembly;component:

<Image Source="pack://application:,,,/Images/icon.png" />
<Image Source="pack://application:,,,/Assembly;component/Images/icon.png" />
<Image Source="/Assembly;component/Images/icon.png" />
<Image Source="/Images/icon.png" />

Paths beginning with a drive letter are also considered absolute:

<Image Source="C:/Images/icon.png" />

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Uri has no properties


Name Description
GetAssembly Gets assembly part of the Uri
GetPath Gets path part of the Uri
IsAbsolute Indicates if this Uri is absolute
IsValid Indicates if this Uri is invalid
Str Gets the original string that was passed to this Uri constructor
ToString Generates a string representation of the Uri


Uri has no events

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