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by Olex
02 Sep 2015, 05:51
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Re: KeyBindings in Noesis

Hi, I signed up for the bugtracker account but still waiting on the email verification. I am curious was this ever filed and what is the progress? Alternatively, if I create an Animation can I simply invoke it from C++ code on my own upon detecting the key press without having to define KeyBinding i...
by Olex
01 Sep 2015, 23:47
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[New User] Ogre3D + NoesisGUI => Render to Texture

Hi, folks! I am just starting out with NoesisGUI. So far it is looking slick! I got Ogre3D binding sample to work from I had 2D UI sample UI running in my own project, which is really awesome. The next step for me is render to texture in Ogre3D. I see that it l...