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by Lacuna Corporation
07 Nov 2018, 13:43
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[Unity] Potentially Critical Failure With Assembly Definitions

So, I'm hoping that this is an oversight on my part, as it seems that this is a critical issue and I have no idea how to work around it. Due to several unity modules, I have to use assembly definitions to work with their structure. To reference certain modules, my source code has it's own asmdef; th...
by Lacuna Corporation
07 Nov 2018, 13:26
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Re: [RECOVERED] Unity SRP (HDRP) Compatibility

I take it this was my original post. Just to recap, tl;dr is the SRP does not yet expose critical hooks (which is technically a good thing as they've removed a lot of monobehaviour ties from the pipeline), such as OnPostRender, which means that they have to be hooked up manually. Working around the ...