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Drag & Drop

Posted: 16 Jan 2015, 21:23
by sfernandez
This simple demo shows how to use mouse events to emulate drag and drop.

Sample Source Code

After opening the Unity project, you would need to import NoesisGUI 1.2 (available from our forums: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=91) to make it work.
dragndrop.png (29.78 KiB) Viewed 17847 times
Older version compatible with NoesisGUI 1.1 can be downloaded here.

Re: Drag & Drop

Posted: 17 Jan 2015, 11:26
by picpic2006
thanks you this is a really cool exemple !

Re: Drag & Drop

Posted: 20 Jan 2015, 18:10
by dl_studios
Yes thank you! This is very helpful!

Re: Drag & Drop

Posted: 03 Sep 2015, 16:00
by sfernandez
This sample is now updated to 1.2 version in our Tutorials github.

I also updated the links in the first post.