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Domino Run 2

05 Jun 2016, 20:25

Domino Run 2 is a puzzle game in which dominoes placed on a series of platforms must be rearranged so that they can all be toppled by a single push.

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UI showcase
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Domino Run 2 is a puzzle game about dominoes with different behaviours that have to be rearranged so that they can all be toppled by a single push while the finisher stone has to fall last. The game features an included level editor to create your own levels, which can be shared with other users. That also means you can download levels from other users.

The game hast just been released this week on Android and iOS. We plan to release more content, meaning more worlds and more gameplay elements, but we're also already working on porting it to other platforms including AppleTV and PC.

  • 4 worlds, 150 levels with increasing difficulty
  • different dominoes with individual behaviors
  • tutorials and step-by-step level solutions
  • platinum stars for perfectionists
  • intuitive level editor
  • share your own levels with other players
  • download levels created by other players
  • compare your score against the world leaderboards
  • analyze your statistics and master all achievements
NoesisGUI related

Over the whole development cycle we had four different GUI frameworks in use. Being a Unity game we obviously started with the old Unity gui, but shortly after switched to NGUI and a few months later we gave DaikonForge a try. At some point we stumbled over NoesisGUI. With already a background in WPF it became our first choice.

Over time we developed various re-useable components, such as a navigation service, a dialog service, localization service, debug info service, etc. but also various controls and behaviors, such as the ItemWheelSelection control (you can see it on the editor screenshot) or a Drag&Drop behavior. Unfortunately all that took quite some time, but at least we should be able to focus more on the actual game in our next project.

While NoesisGUI is mainly used for the whole GUI, we also use it for various highlights within the game world. Also the dialogs and buttons (not most of the icons, though) are created directly in XAML.

To conclude we should say we will never do a game without NoesisGUI again, not just because of the awesome framework, but also due to the really good development and support. Since we started using NoesisGUI it has matured quite a bit.

If you have any questions regarding the development, the usage of NoesisGUI, etc. don't hesitate to ask. :)

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