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Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b4

Posted: 05 Jan 2019, 13:18
by ivan_b

I know that this question has already been asked but do you have an estimation time for the Unity SDK release?
Thank you.

Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b4

Posted: 07 Jan 2019, 17:50
by jsantos
Today we are dropping a new beta, but only for C++. We are actively working in the Unity package, we hope to release the first beta 'soon' (weeks no months).

Thanks for your patience.

Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b5

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 00:07
by jsantos
Beta5 released!
  • Feature Implemented Binding Delay property (#1367).
  • Feature Implemented AlternationCount property for ItemsControl.
  • Enhancement Support for custom numeric formats in StringFormat (#877 #996 #1368).
  • Enhancement Identifiers for float and double changed to "Single" and "Double" to match WPF.
  • Enhancement Storyboard playing API behaving like WPF (#1182).
  • Enhancement TextBox events TextChanged and SelectionChanged behaving like WPF.
  • Enhancement Reflection metadata optimized for size in MSVC (binaries decreased by 10%).
  • Enhancement App Android apps were not resuming. Improvements to Activity Lifecycle handling.
  • Enhancement App Implemented support for multisampling in Android.
  • Enhancement App Improved uploading geometry performance in GLRenderDevice.
  • Enhancement App GL_EXT_disjoint_timer_query implemented in GLRenderContext.
  • Enhancement App Color buffer clearing avoided whenever possible.
  • Enhancement App Support for GL core profile implemented in Linux.
  • Enhancement C# Geometry Parse function exposed (#1356).
  • Enhancement C# Point, Size and Rect exposed with same interface as WPF (#1052).
  • Enhancement C# Added WPF Vector and Matrix types.
  • Enhancement C# Exposed XamlReader class to parse XAMLs from text (#1039).
  • Enhancement C# Crashes during reloading of managed assemblies.
  • Enhancement C# Grid and UniformGrid properties exposed as int matching WPF.
  • Enhancement C# StreamGeometryContext API matching WPF (#833).
  • Fixed Grid layout not always correct when using Min/Max limits in columns or rows.
  • Fixed StreamGeometryContext requires Close or Dispose to flush commands matching WPF (#1148).
  • Fixed ContextMenuOpening event not sent for disabled Buttons (#1382).
  • Fixed TextBlock TextTrimming="CharacterEllipsis very often is faulty (#1275).
  • Fixed TextBlock measure failing in rare cases (#1249).
  • Fixed Wrong binding values when ItemsControl container disconnected (#1317).
  • Fixed Focus lost when focused element collapsed or disabled.
  • Fixed Cycle directional keyboard navigation not working correctly.
  • Fixed Mouse over element not updated when collapsed or disabled.
  • Fixed MouseWheel incorrectly handled with nested ScrollViewer.
  • Fixed StyleInteraction triggers not working in ItemTemplates.
  • Fixed Focus shouldn't change while View is deactivated.
  • Fixed App TargetedTriggerAction incorrectly using Target when TargetName not found.
  • Fixed C# VisualTreeHelper methods should receive a DependencyObject (#1043).
  • Fixed C# GridLength struct not exposed (#739).
  • Fixed C# Strange values calling SetCurrentValue with floats on double properties (#1163).
  • Fixed C# Exceptions in converters thrown at confusing times (#1329).
  • Fixed C# Binding context unavailable inside nested scopes (#1323).
  • Fixed C# ItemCollection should implement IEnumerable (#1044).
  • Fixed C# Exception "Native type is not registered" getting ToolTip's Parent (#1143).
  • Fixed C# Crash removing SelectedItem from string collection bound to ListBox (#1371).

Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b5

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 05:25
by nokola
Awesome! Thanks for the hard work fixing all these issues!
Exposing XamlReader is a big deal too - I can imagine all the nice runtime renders that come for (nearly) free with it!

Curious how it will perform in Unity. I'm also waiting for the Unity version, but please take your time - better to have solid quality than rushed out version. I'll likely wait for another 2 weeks/1 month before fully adopting the new version, just to be on the safe side anyway.
Quality >>> quantity every day :)

Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b5

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 11:09
by ai_enabled
I'm glad to see so many enhancements and fixes!
Perhaps it's time to release C# SDK public beta? :-)

Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b5

Posted: 09 Jan 2019, 12:15
by ivan_b
Thank you. I just needed to know that so I could plan the next steps.

Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b5

Posted: 10 Jan 2019, 11:47
by jsantos
Perhaps it's time to release C# SDK public beta? :-)
There are still a few things we need to close before moving the C# SDK to a public beta. We are also going to put it in NuGet. But meanwhile, as you know 😉, people can ask for a version privately.

Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b5

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 03:39
by jsantos
Beta6 released, only Unity, preview platforms: Windows and WebGL
  • WebGL Unity New platform supported.
  • Enhancement Unity New XAML importer, faster and more robust (#1369 #1366 #1394 #1393).
  • Enhancement Unity XAML and Fonts assets stored as text.
  • Enhancement Unity Added Interactivity package. PlaySoundAction using Unity clips.
  • Enhancement Unity Dependencies to UserControls automatically generated.
  • Enhancement Unity Implemented previews and thumbnails for fonts.
  • Enhancement Unity IME implemented in Unity (#1243 #1264 #1213).
  • Enhancement Unity Textures marked with label 'Noesis' converted to premultiplied-alpha.
  • Enhancement Unity Added a panel for realtime stats in play mode.
  • Enhancement Unity Support for system fonts. Improved memory usage of fonts.
  • Enhancement Unity Cursors added to settings panel.
  • Enhancement Unity Support for rendering UI only when changed (#589 #740).
  • Enhancement Unity New property to select RenderTexture target.
  • Enhancement Correctly implemented HitTest with filter and result callbacks matching WPF.
  • Enhancement Improvements to GetXamlDependencies supporting more scenarios and UserControls.
  • Enhancement Xbox One renderer improved using Fast Semantics.
  • Enhancement New Font matching algorithm same as WPF.
  • Enhancement C# Changes to error management:
    • No C# exceptions thrown for errors generated in C++. Errors are sent to the log.
    • New Noesis.Error.SetUnhandledCallback() to handle exceptions occurring in C# callbacks.
  • Enhancement C# Added support for PropertyMetadata coerce callbacks.
  • Enhancement PropertyMetadata constructors and derived classes like WPF (#1355).
  • Enhancement Implemented AlternationConverter.
  • Enhancement MarkupExtension ProvideValue argument is now ValueTargetProvider*.
  • Fixed Windows 7 incompatibility introduced in previous beta.
  • Fixed Error parsing FillRule="EvenOdd (#1384).
  • Fixed ContentPresenter placed as root of template can't resolve bindings (#1335).
  • Fixed Setting fixed scrollbar thumb size doesn't work (#1375).
  • Fixed StringFormat working with NaN and Infinity.
  • Fixed Mouse right click on empty screen crashing.
  • Fixed Incorrect font rendering for faces with USE_TYPO_METRICS os2 flag (#1370)
  • Fixed TextBox caret and selection not updated when changing Text property.
  • Fixed BindingExpression UpdateTarget() not working when used inside PropertyChangedCallback.
  • Fixed Chained removed elements in Panel crashing (#1391).
  • Fixed Incorrect Border geometry for stroke thickness greater than available size.
  • Fixed TabControl changing ViewModel selected tab when ItemsSource reset.
  • Fixed MenuItem crashing when template not including items host.
  • Fixed Crash arranging TabControl with collapsed tabs.
  • Fixed Default style triggers registered twice when using BasedOn.
  • Fixed Rare crash destroying faces in render thread.
  • Fixed Bug in StreamGeometry parser (#1359).
  • Fixed Incorrect number of MouseButtonDown events generated on double clicks (#1310).
  • Fixed Rare crash destroying bindings of template elements.

Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b5

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 03:43
by jsantos
We are close to a Release Candidate. These upcoming days we are going to release versions more frequently, it is a good opportunity to solve your issues faster. So, please, even if the Unity package still don't have all the platforms (next release will include everything) help us to polite since the beginning testing everything you can.

THANKS a lot!

Re: [BETA] NoesisGUI v2.2.0b6

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 16:38
by nokola
Wow, I *love* the fixes in this release - thanks!!
> Enhancement Unity New XAML importer, faster and more robust
This will hopefully speed up app startup time, currently Noesis accounts for 2-4 seconds (more on slower phones that some customers complained about)
Edit: just checked one of the worst cases is 8s on Snapdragon 400 (where the customer complaint was filed 2/12 on Android)

> Enhancement Unity IME implemented in Unity (#1243 #1264 #1213)
We've had customer issues with Bengali and Sinhala languages, looking forward to trying new version.
"There is problem in typing text in sinhala language.when I typed in like this යන්නේ" -> customer report from yesterday (2/18) on Android

> Enhancement Unity Textures marked with label 'Noesis' converted to premultiplied-alpha.
This will speed up our workflow immensely hopefully - we now have 600+ assets that we duplicate and re-code on every change just to work OK with Noesis.

> Enhancement Unity Added a panel for realtime stats in play mode.
This is very useful during performance testing

> Enhancement Unity Support for rendering UI only when changed
A big one, after 2 years of workarounds (some of which still causing about 1 bug each month or so), very excited to try it out!
Hopefully it works well with animations/etc.

> Enhancement Correctly implemented HitTest with filter and result callbacks matching WPF.
A huge one as well - I can't count how many times clicks wouldn't work so I'd have to spend sometimes hours to fix a but due to HitTest-ing.

Huge thanks!!! to the Unity team!
Will try 2.2 beta6 in Unity very soon.