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Re: Ogre Bindings and VS11

Posted: 22 Aug 2013, 17:35
by jsantos

The reason of having OgreBindings in github is because we want people to collaborate and improve the code. This project started from the Ogre team and I have been doing patches to maintain compatibility with each version of NoesisGUI.

The initial idea was having a small static library that wraps NoesisGUI. In this library there should be no dependencies with absolute paths. All I see is dependencies to headers starting with "../". Being a static library you can integrate it as you would do with any other static library. I personally prefer not copying things and linking directly to the library found in the output directory of the OgreBindings.

Apart from linking to this static library you need copying Noesis binaries (dlls) to the location of the main executable. With that and the cache of resources your application should work fine. Are you still having problem?

About the problem with the window. Yes, the implementation could be improved and accept an external window. If you want I can give you write access to the repository to improve all this. Or you can pass me a patch and I will commit it.

The other two sample projects can be ignored. They are only there as samples.

I don't know it this solved your doubts. I hope so.

Re: Ogre Bindings and VS11

Posted: 23 Aug 2013, 04:07
by Daki
Hello again.

What I ended up doing was just copying the code into my project directly so instead of a static library it is a static class I reference directly. This is simpler for me as it gets rid of any potential errors with paths, or generating the lib files incorrectly (which I must have been doing in some fashion).

By including it directly I was able to keep my custom Ogre build so now I still have everything compiling under v110. I have the sample clock UI running in my existing application so I am at a good point to move forward with some real UI.

The obvious downside to including the code directly in my project and not as a static library is when the bindings are updated I need to do a little extra work to integrate the changes but I am willing to live with this for now.

Thanks so much for all your help through this.

Once I have some more free time I can send you an email with my external window code.

Re: Ogre Bindings and VS11

Posted: 23 Aug 2013, 23:55
by jsantos
What I don't really understand is why copying the sources and compiling works fine while compiling against the static library doesn't work. In theory it is the same.

Anyway, good to know it is working for you know!