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Unity Post Processing

20 Feb 2018, 21:56


I have created a menu for adjusting post processing graphics settings. However when I make these adjustments, it is affecting the quality of my menu and my hud. I need to be able to render the scene with post processing behind the menu and hud, or have some way to show both without the xaml being affected by post processing changes.

I have seen the text on the "First steps with NoesisGUI and Unity".
However following those steps just results in the GUI being rendered onto a black screen.

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Re: Unity Post Processing

21 Feb 2018, 12:37

From out Unity Tutorial:

By default camera post processing effects will affect the GUI. In case you don't want this to happen. You need to create a new camera to render NoesisGUI. This camera must have a larger Depth value and must set Clear Flags to Don't Clear. You must also make sure the Culling Mask is set to None to avoid rendering 3D elements in this camera.

Could you please elaborate a bit more about why this is not working for you?

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