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How to use MultiBinding in UE4 ?

Posted: 26 Mar 2018, 06:00
by ride_wind
Does NoesisGui support multiBinding ?

I need to achieve code like below
<Condition Binding={Binding UserId} Value="{Binding RoomOwnerId}">
But the value property not supports Binding,
and I can use MultiBinding to achieve it in WPF.
<Condition Value="True">
							<MultiBinding Converter="{StaticResource MultiBindingToBoolConverter}">
								<Binding Path="UserId"/>
								<Binding Path="RoomOwnerId"/>
How to solve it in NoesisGUi ? Thanks.

Re: How to use MultiBinding in UE4 ?

Posted: 27 Mar 2018, 10:57
by jsantos
Multibinding is not implemented yet. Could you please report this in the tracker? The easy workaround is just doing the multiple checks in the model and expose a single variable in the DataContext.