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Combobox scroll problem

06 Jun 2018, 09:19


It seems that the ComboBox has some problem when scrolling on a touchscreen device.
The scroll is too fast, it seems that the PanningRatio is not correct.
I tried to change the panning ratio but then the scroll behaves strangely.
To be sure that this was not because of the ComboBox style that I was using I have added more items in the ComboBox ControlGallery example and the result is the same.
If this is a bug should I submit a bug report?

Another thing not related to the bug, is the trello roadmap still in use?
It seems that there were no updates for a long time but I found it very useful to see what features would come next.
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Re: Combobox scroll problem

11 Jun 2018, 11:23

Yes please, submit the report about the ComboBox to the bugtracker.

You are right, the roadmap is not being updated for a long time and we should probably remove the link from our web if it continues that way.
I agree the roadmap is useful to provide visibility to users about where the product is going. We have to discuss about this and decide what to do.

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