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Documentation issues

16 Nov 2018, 13:00

As I wrote in other recent posts, I'm currently evaluating Noesis for use in the UX company I work at.
The main issue I see so far is the total lack of any documentation in most parts.
There are a few samples and a few documentation pages, but those are almost all geared towards Unity developers trying to understand WPF style development.
There is no documentation for WPF developers, trying to port a project to Noesis, which is exactly our use case.
We know exactly how to develop for WPF, so we need clear documenation on what we need to change in workflow to work with Noesis compared to that.
There is almost nothing available in that regard.
The samples use InitializeComponent(); differently, but there's no line about the why.
There is no clear documentation talking about how the unity/Noesis workflow for a MVVM architecture may differ, how the setup can be different, what APIs need to be used differently, what types are missing etc.
Also I had to guess where to load a general themes.xaml since there is no App.xaml support. I'm GUESSING that needs to go to NoesisSettings->Application Resources. But I didn't find any documentation to confirm that.

Is there any way this situation can be improved? Otherwise I'll have a hard time recommending Noesis to our teams, considering I basically have to tell them "it somehow works if you know how you have to do things, but if you don't there's no place to read up on the why"

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Re: Documentation issues

16 Nov 2018, 15:06

First, let me say that we understand you. We are totally aware of the documentation problems. Let me tell you that we worked hard in the past months to improve it and make this better but there is still a long road here. The C# SDK is the most affected because it is the last one we released and being very similar to Unity documentation is lacking. The honest solution to this: being patience and report as much as you find.

Let me also tell you that we are indeed very very similar to WPF and once you understand the integration differences, using Noesis is not as hard as it seemed at the beginning. There are really huge projects using Noesis C# SDK.

Besides, Pro licenses include private support, direct contact through email and options to have skype meetings and slack chat. I hope this can convince to your teams.

Although I know it is not properly documented, the initialization is commented in the Events tutorial.

We have many plans for C#, we plan to release Noesis as a NuGet package and improve the application layer (it will also be a different NuGet package) to fully support all platforms as we do in C++.

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