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Exhaustive Binding Example

Posted: 07 Sep 2020, 19:54
by onehundredfeet
Hi Noesis,

I found this example inside the latest Microsoft SDK. ... s/XamlBind

After building it, and running, it showed a very detailed set of all the ways to bind inside the latest Xaml. It would be great to see this using Noesis to know what's supported and what's not.

I know you already have binding examples, but they just show a valid path rather than the options. Given that there are so many ways to bind in WPF, I found this example very helpful. If possible, would you be able to add a similar example? Even a clone of this one with the ones not supported removed?


Re: Exhaustive Binding Example

Posted: 09 Sep 2020, 16:56
by jsantos
The example seems to be about x:Bind and we don't have support for that. But this is definitely interesting, thank you for sharing.