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Changing the color of an Image.

Posted: 22 Dec 2020, 00:54
by asusralis
I am not sure you can do this in WPF without 3rd party, but I find myself needing this more and more. Using a background as an overlay has obvious constraints, so having the ability to do this in XAML (and, by extension, being able to animate it) would be amazing.

Re: Changing the color of an Image.

Posted: 23 Dec 2020, 09:53
by sfernandez
How would you change the color of the Image? do you mean making it grayscale?
Can't you just have both versions of the image and fade between them?

We have plans for next major version to support custom Shader Effects that will allow you to modify any control final render, but that will have a cost as it requires to generate an offscreen texture of the control that the pixel shader can manipulate.

I think that for this particular case of changing the color of an image it will be a lot more efficient to just have two images and fade between them. Do you think that should work?