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Animation Sprites with NoesisGUI

Posted: 16 Apr 2012, 21:08
by OverMalo

I am developing a 2D game with NoesisGUI and the system that I have choosen for animated sprites is as follows:

- I have a file by every frame and then a ImageBrush each.
- I animate the Fill property of a Rectangle.

I have no problem with this. But after seeing the tutorial about animations in the lastest version of NoesisGUI I decided to modify my code to use atlas-image but I would continue to animate "Fill" instead "Visible" (like you doing in the tutorial) and my questions are:

- Is there some program that generates atlas-image compatible with NoesisGUI? That is, that generate a file with the frames ImageBrush: its link to the atlas, information on the position within it, etc ...

- Is there a performance difference between Fill property or Visible property?

- The limit for atlas-image.. Is limit of graphics card for texture size or NoesisGUI has another?

Best regards and congratulations for your work.

Re: Animation Sprites with NoesisGUI

Posted: 17 Apr 2012, 19:32
by jsantos
As shown in the tutorial, can be used for atlases. For now the output generated must be manually edited but we are working with the author of the tool to output a valid NoesisGui format.

About the performance issues, you can expect the same with your method. There are not big differences in the way the gpu commands are generated.

Yes, the limit of the texures is decided by the hardware. i think that 2048 can be a reasonably limit. But you should test it, at least on mobiles. may help you on this.