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Font not found in Linux UE4

31 Mar 2021, 12:39

Hi Noesis,
Could you help giving some info regarding these warnings as running in UE 4.26.1 Linux:
[2021.03.31-10.26.54:161][ 0]LogNoesis: Warning: Theme/NoesisTheme.Fonts.xaml(6): Font not found 'Fonts/#PT Root UI'
[2021.03.31-10.26.57:020][ 0]LogNoesis: Warning: UserControls/MainWindow.xaml(1): Font not found './#Aero Matics' ... ow.xaml#L8
And this function keeps returning False: ... r.cpp#L111

But somehow, this project here could still run fine. ... ontrol/UE4

These are what I found:
* It looks like the font folder path registration here is required to be consistent with font fallback family registration.
* For some reason, the font fallback registration seems to automatically chop off the leading slash character if being present in the family name path.
=> This seems to be not in line with the font path expansion in xaml file, since when I tried using "../" in the font path specified here, it resolves to an absolute path with the leading slash character (if it reaches the Content folder,) thus cause a Font not found warning.


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Re: Font not found in Linux UE4

05 Apr 2021, 11:45

Could you please open a report about this? Thanks
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Re: Font not found in Linux UE4

09 Apr 2021, 05:05

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