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UserControl.Rendering Update Rate

03 Oct 2021, 17:26

What should the update rate of UserControl.Rendering be?

The reason I ask is because at high frame rates (> 120 FPS) I see a lag in UI position (WorldToScreenPoint) vs the rendered position of game objects. The UI appears stationary for a few frames and then it "catches up". This could be caused by a variety of bugs in my code, but at minimum, I wanted to check to see what the understood update rate is for UserControl.Rendering. Thanks!

** The behavior I was seeing was caused by Cinemachine. Had nothing to do with Noesis. The update rate of Rendering appears to perfectly match the engine's render update rate. Thank you!

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Re: UserControl.Rendering Update Rate

04 Oct 2021, 13:03

Great, thank your for the feedback!

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