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Feature Requests: Lottie-Noesis

22 Nov 2021, 16:54

Here's a list of features that are currently unsupported in Lottie-Noesis but would be extremely useful for artists using after effects authoring. These are in priority order

1. Masks (subtract, feather) - these are vector masks and are used very often, they are also often animated
2. Trim paths simultaneously - currently trimming paths is supported individually, which we are using while trimming simultaneously isn't available. While it works, it also generates a lot of additional xaml when working with complex reveal patterns due to the paths being drawn individually (one at a time), it's also not supported by Blend right now (no preview). Trimming paths simultaneously however draws all paths at the same time over a defined period of time.
3. Masks (inverted)
4. Repeater - often used with expressions (does it affect the feature?) i.e. on rotation param
360/content("Repeater 1").copies
5. Mattes (Luma Matte, Alpha Matte, Luma Inverted Matte, Alpha Inverted Matte) - for masking with bitmaps


If possible, Lottie extension, Noesis and Blend integration are also part of the request.
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Re: Feature Requests: Lottie-Noesis

23 Nov 2021, 14:19

Could you please open a ticket about this?

In general, all the features you mention don't have a direct translation to XAML so we will need custom Noesis extensions. Many of them are also not efficient, for example inverted Masks. And feathering probably cannot be implemented with masking. We always recommend using Blend as the main tool to create content as it is the only way to generate clean and optimal UI.

But yes, we will analyze all of them.

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