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Crash in KeyDown when custom control is in focus

10 May 2023, 20:02

Created a custom component that extends UserControl and ICommandSource that is modeled off of BaseButton. We were seeing a crash in the KeyDown function in the noesis source code when raising the event to the focused component. We are thinking that the reason is because we did not include a destructor in our custom component so the command can still be executed even after our component object goes out of scope. Wondering if we could get some more clarity on whether this is likely the cause of the crash/are there other functions in the BaseButton that we need to implement as well to avoid problems like this?
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Re: Crash in KeyDown when custom control is in focus

10 May 2023, 20:28


I don't think the destructor will change anything, because if your custom component is destroyed, the values stored as dependency properties there will automatically release their references.
Could you please create a ticket in our bugtracker and attach a crash mini dump so we can debug it and see the actual callstack?


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