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IView update rate vs actual FPS

16 May 2023, 13:38

We use separate threads for render and update and I was thinking about an efficient way to ensure that update rate doesn't go ahead or fall behind the actual FPS.
I see that ... orial.html has a note:
'Update' will block if it is invoked many times without the corresponding 'UpdateRenderTree' call in the render thread
However I don't observe this behavior, it looks like view->Update can be called tens of thousands times if I make the render thread slow enough. The docs don't tell exact numbers, but I didn't expect it to be that many.
Is this part of documentation obsolete or maybe I misunderstand it?

In any case it is not that important, I'll find a proper way to keep rates in sync, but I just got curious about how it is supposed to work.
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Re: IView update rate vs actual FPS

16 May 2023, 14:56

Unfortunately, the documentation is obsolete regarding that detail. I am sorry about it.

In Noesis 3.0 we added that behavior to View::Update (blocking after a few frames without the corresponding render) but this was causing many problems to clients in very specific moments (for example jumping from one scene to another) and we decided to avoid it in 3.1 (If I remember correctly).

You need to manually keep rates in sync, I will fix the documentation, thanks for the feedback!

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