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Source code access? & GCC support?

Posted: 20 Nov 2012, 20:18

I just wanted to to ask if it is or will be possible to use NoesisGUI on Windows with GCC/MinGW? As stated in another thread, we'll be working on a cross-platform project and want to use the same compiler (and not Clang) across all platforms (also, gcc/OpenGL has even outrun msvc/DirectX on some of our tests), so whatever we use will have to work with MinGW on Windows. :)
I'd guess that as soon as OpenGL is working on all platforms, this should not pose that much of a problem, as GCC is already used for the GLSL ES ports, correct?

Another question is if there will be a license that will give you access to the source code?

Re: Source code access? & GCC support?

Posted: 22 Nov 2012, 17:46
by jsantos
We have been asked for the GCC&OpenGL distributable too. So we will think about it. The OpenGL implementation is almost finished. We will probably release it in our next version.

About the sources... yes, there is a license with source code. But the target is "big" projects because it is not going to be cheap. Of course it depends on many circumstances. May I ask you what kind of project is this? If you want, contact me in private please.

For non-commercial project we would like to release the sources too. But we dont know exactly what we will do...


Re: Source code access? & GCC support?

Posted: 23 Nov 2012, 14:12
Nice to hear that OpenGL will be working on Windows, too! :)
I guess that means OpenGL will also work on Mac and Linux, then?

About the licensing:
Please do not make it as expensive and complicated as Scaleform. As Scaleform is your obvious competitor here (or in this case, you are the competitor ;) ), you will want to be better than them in any way you can.

When I first had a look at GUIs to use, I of course had a look at Scaleform. Next to c++ I'm also a Flash developer, so it would be the obvious choice at first. What drove me away was the complicated way to license and that it is very obviously targeted at AAA products, or "big" projects. Other than having a Unity plugin, Autodesk simply doesn't care about indies. Try registering with Autodesk, you will be asked how much million $ your project budget is... :lol:

This is a serious gap and you have the chance to fill it. But you can only do so by not being expensive. Of course, it is understandable that you want more money for a source license, as someone could theoretically copy your idea and do it himself in the next project. But that problem is kinda independant of the price paid. If you'd release the source code right away with an indie affordable license, I think you would gain much more than you could possibly lose. Not wanting to enforce anything here, it is of course your decision :)

Reason for source:
I ask about the source because I am using GCC and the normal way to include libraries in GCC is to build them yourself. This is because there are a lot of versions of GCC around and new ones coming out almost on a monthly basis. And all of those versions can be incompatible with each other. In some cases they are, in some case they aren't. It's basically luck ;) The only way to be perfectly sure is to compile everything yourself using the same compiler (and compiler version).
Now what way is there to guarantee that a precompiled GCC NoesisGUI binary would work with the GCC version I chose to use for my project? You could release binaries for all of the versions, but then you'd have to keep all of them up-to-date. This can be done with some automated build process which uses different GCC versions to compile. Or - you release the source code (+ probably binaries for the newest GCC versions only) - and let the users do the compiling :)

Re: Source code access? & GCC support?

Posted: 27 Nov 2012, 23:41
by jsantos

Thanks for expressing your opinion here. Yes, one of our objectives is filling those gaps that Scaleform is not filling actually. In fact, we saw the Unity3D port as an opportunity because it wasn't one of our main targets at first.

If you see the description of NoesisEngine in our webpage you will see that in our roots is the idea of giving source code to developers. We hate third parties that have to be integrated having only binaries but at the same time we understand that the code is the DNA of the product.

We are studying all the options and we will release the licensing options in a brochure that will be sent to beta testers very soon. Posts like the one you did help us to understand the needs of the community.

And yes, with the OpenGL port almost ready, it means Mac and Linux will come very soon.


Re: Source code access? & GCC support?

Posted: 28 Nov 2012, 13:27
Great to hear that OpenGL is coming "very soon"! I'll quote you on that, you know? :P
Any time plan? Or a target version number?

Also glad that you're thinking about the source license. :)

Re: Source code access? & GCC support?

Posted: 13 Mar 2013, 10:41
Will the release of 1.0 also come with all the licensing models defined?

Re: Source code access? & GCC support?

Posted: 13 Mar 2013, 14:07
by jsantos
yes, we are preparing all that stuff.

although, of course, changes may happen in the future.

Re: Source code access? & GCC support?

Posted: 14 Mar 2013, 14:28
by Erio
All i just red is cool :)

And i agree on what did TheSHEEEP said, i guess that's not really for the same reasons (maybe they are?)

I think that the best way to be able to compile all of the libraries and to have them working together would be to be able to compile them by ourselves :) (As you probably know, i got some problems with the different versions of compilers etc :lol: I'm still working on it, but will use the OgreBinding example :) )

and i'm of course glad that there will be a GL Mac & GNU/Linux as i'm working on a multi-plateform game with a few people at the moment :p

and well, i really hope to be able to use Noesis for this project, through it's a "big" project, big by the work to do, but not big at the moment by it's team size nor it's project, so an expensive license would be, i think for all these small project something "bad", or a limitant factor.

Well, i stop saying things that are probably non-sense or that TheSHEEEP already said ! I'm glad that it's going to evolve this way and will be waiting for the next infos ! ^.^