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Posted: 29 Nov 2012, 00:34
by wwinter86
Hi, I am a university student on the second year (of three) of a Games Development course and am currently on a module about designing menus and GUIs for games :)

I was wondering if there are any tutorials on using NoesisGUI and if it supports OS X yet?

Re: Tutorials

Posted: 30 Nov 2012, 02:23
by jsantos

There are a few tutorials in the documentation of the SDK. Have you read them? Documentation is one the parts that will improve a lot in the final version. Meanwhile we are adding new tutorials on each release.

OSX is yet not supported. But the next version will come with the OpenGL renderer. This is a little bit closer to OSX.

Re: Tutorials

Posted: 01 Dec 2012, 20:19
by wwinter86
Ok thanks