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Help Request For Integrating NoessisGUI for Leadwerks Engine

Posted: 21 Sep 2014, 21:15
by DamienDefranco
Hi everyone,

I'm really new here, just got NoesisGUI last week and I am finally getting around to implementing it into our game. I'm using the Leadwerks engine with the DLC for both LUA and C++ capabilities.

Myself, and my 2 team members are extremely NEW to C++, just started learning it a couple weeks ago, we primarily deal in LUA features/scripts.

I'm looking to get a more in-depth guide / suggestions, or other assistance for installing the NoesisGUI into Leadwerks, I'm stuck.

Here is the installation instructions below -----

-----I. Noesis
-Download Noesis
-Add the include folder to your project's additional include directories
-Link your project to bin/Noesis.lib
-Copy Noesis.dll, tbb.dll and tbbmalloc.dll from /bin to your project's executable
-Run the Resource.BuildTool.exe to build all required resources: Resource.BuildTool.exe ../Data/Samples -platform GL
-Copy bin/out to the directory where you want to store the GUI data (I.e. Materials/GUI)
-----2. Wrapper
-Add the content of integration to your project.

Where I am stuck is (well I guess its every part of the installation - I'm VERY NEW to this!);

I don't understand what the "include folder is" - I know there's a folder called include in the downloaded NoesisGUI directory. But where is my projects include folder? It doesn't seem to have one. Do I need to simply create one and copy/paste? Or is there a setting/backend preference I need to add in the Visual Studio's program where I edit the projects C++ codes?

I also don't understand the step "link your project to bin/Noesis.lib" - I am assuming this is a back-end preference setting somewhere? I have not linked or altered settings like this yet before.

"Copy Noesis.dll, tbb.dll and tbbmalloc.dll from /bin to your project's executable" I am not 100% sure which folder is the projects executable. Is it Leadwerks/Projects/MyGame or Leadwerks/Projects/Mygame/Projects/Windows ?

I guess the run the resource .exe step is as simple as running the .exe file and letting it run?

Copy bin/out to directory - this one I understand.

Step 2 Wrapper; I may also need a bit of guidance with this as well.

Any help and assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated. I look forward to eventually being successful in implementing this, and eventually sharing our GUI work from our project/game.

Re: Help Request For Integrating NoessisGUI for Leadwerks En

Posted: 23 Sep 2014, 03:14
by jsantos
Hi Damien,

First at all I recommend that you download this sample from the LeadWerks page. It is a full project showing a mini game using noesisGUI.

The include folder from NoesisSDK must be added to your project project's additional include directories. In Visual Studio you can change that setting in Project -> C/C++ -> Additional Include Directories.

The same for the lib. The lib folder in NoesisSDK must be added to the setting Project -> Linker -> Additional LIbrary Directories. Also you need to add 'noesis.lib' to Project -> Linker -> Input -> Additional Dependencies.

The /bin directory is where your .exe is located.

Please, let me know if you need more help.