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Noesisgui Facebook unity integration

Posted: 14 Mar 2015, 21:26
by nishachar.studios
I was trying to integrate v1.1.14f (latest version on asset store) in my game. It worked well but I'm having some issues using it with Facebook unity plugin v6.2.1. I have the noesisgui gui panel on the main camera but it's hiding the Facebook dialogs. When I deactivate it, I'm to see the dialogs. I assume this is a common use case. Would you have any ideas as to what i may be doing wrong. Happy to provide more info.

Re: Noesisgui Facebook unity integration

Posted: 15 Mar 2015, 08:39
by ai_enabled
Hi! It seems the Facebook plugin rendered by another camera, which is rendered before the NoesisGUIPanel renders. You need to assign proper Depth for cameras (see here ), so the Facebook plugin will be rendered after NoesisGUIPanel.