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Nine Slice Image issues

Posted: 11 May 2015, 04:05
by schragnasher
Ok here is a odd one for you...
I have 2 images with the same content, one of them i duplicated your nineslice example image and replaced its content in GIMP with my chat bubble, the other image was generated from scratch in GIMP. When using them in the same nine slide xaml i get different effects, the image which i edited the example works perfectly, the gimp generated image is broken (edges cut off), iv matched the unity import settings for both images. I can see from teh files that they are very different sizes, are there specific settings i need to use?
<Grid Width="200" Height="150">
   <noesis:NineSlice Image="../../_Textures/GUI/GimpChatBubble.png" LeftSlice="0" RightSlice="0" TopSlice="0" BottomSlice="0"/>

Re: Nine Slice Image issues

Posted: 11 May 2015, 14:09
by sfernandez
The difference between both images is in the DPI resolution. The GIMP image has 103 dpi, and our image is 96 dpi.

I have to check the behavior in WPF to ensure we are rendering correctly the image brush, meanwhile you can use always 96 dpi images.

Re: Nine Slice Image issues

Posted: 12 May 2015, 14:55
by schragnasher
96dpi solved the problem. Thank you.