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Posted: 15 Aug 2015, 00:06
by MrHayato
What is the status of DataTriggers? Is this a feature we can expect soon (like 1.2.5? pretty please?). Trello doesn't mention anything about it, but I think this is a major feature that we're missing from WPF. There are really complicated things we're doing to make data triggers work, and often times even those workarounds don't work properly. We'd love to have this feature soon.


Re: DataTriggers

Posted: 17 Aug 2015, 18:13
by jsantos
We don't want to repeat the problems we had when we released v1.2: it was highly delayed because we added so many features that the stabilization process required a lot of time.

So, we are going to move many of the features we had planned for v1.3 to v1.2.X. We think that this way, cycles are going to be shorter and feedback will improve. The only drawback is that sometimes we are going to break the API between these versions.

We have also updated our Trello with this new vision. Good news are DataTriggers are coming in v1.2.5 : D