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Crashes on some devices randomly at DoInit() of Noesis

Posted: 18 Apr 2016, 18:23
by polycular

we released a game project but are facing troubles as more and more crash reports are coming in from users. Finally we were able to get the same bevahiour on one of our test devices. It happens quite randomly but in the initialization phase of Noesis.
We are using Unity 5.4.3f1 and tested it with 5.4b14 with full .net subset it seems to become less often but still fails from time to time...

Here is the crash report call stack:

at libc.tgkill(tgkill:12)
at libc.pthread_kill(pthread_kill:52)
at libc.raise(raise:10)
at libmono.0029d6d0(Native Method)
at libmono.0029d7cc(Native Method)
at libmono.0029d828(Native Method)
at libmono.00115e60(Native Method)
at libmono.001160fc(Native Method)
at libmono.00116770(Native Method)
at libmono.001252b0(Native Method)
at libmono.000ea1fc(Native Method)
at Unknown.00002054(Unknown Source)
at Extend.RegisterNativeTypes(Native Method)
at Extend.RegisterNativeTypes(<0x0eed0>:61136)
at NoesisGUISystem.DoInit(<0x000ab>:171)
at NoesisGUISystem.Init(<0x0001b>:27)
at NoesisGUISystem.Awake(<0x0001b>:27)
at Object.runtime_invoke_void__this__(Native Method)
at GameObject.Internal_AddComponentWithType(Native Method)
at GameObject.AddComponent(<0x00024>:36)
at GameObject.AddComponent(<0x0002b>:43)
at NoesisGUISystem.Create(<0x0006b>:107)
at NoesisGUIPanel.LoadXaml(<0x00017>:23)
at NoesisGUIPanel.OnEnable(<0x0001b>:27)
at Object.runtime_invoke_void__this__(Native Method)
at libmono.00021ccb(Native Method)
at libmono.mono_runtime_invoke(mono_runtime_invoke:136)
at libunity.003e1424(Native Method)
at libunity.003e13e0(Native Method)
at libunity.00347f8c(Native Method)
at libunity.00347b24(Native Method)
at libunity.00400c8c(Native Method)

LogCat output when crashing:

04-18 18:12:26.657: A/mono(21885): * Assertion at mini-arm.c:2629, condition `pdata.found == 1' not met
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code -6 (?), fault addr 0000557d
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): Build fingerprint: 'samsung/chagallwifixx/chagallwifi:5.0.2/LRX22G/T800XXU1BOJ1:user/release-keys'
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): Revision: '7'
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): pid: 21885, tid: 21901, name: UnityMain >>> gv.landsalzburg.citycachingsalzburg <<<
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): r0 00000000 r1 0000558d r2 0000000b r3 00000000
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): r4 b3a01db8 r5 0000000b r6 00000016 r7 0000010c
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): r8 988f2588 r9 b3a012ec sl 9c808bf0 fp b3a0097c
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): ip 0000558d sp b3a00958 lr b6f4458d pc b6f68028 cpsr 2f322e30
04-18 18:12:26.657: E/CRASH(21885): backtrace:
04-18 18:12:26.707: W/System.err(2938): remove failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory) : /data/system/recent_tasks/152_task.xml.bak
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #00 pc 0003b028 /system/lib/ (tgkill+12)
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #01 pc 00017589 /system/lib/ (pthread_kill+52)
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #02 pc 0001819b /system/lib/ (raise+10)
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #03 pc 0029d6d0 /data/app/gv.landsalzburg.citycachingsalzburg-1/lib/arm/
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #04 pc 0029d7cc /data/app/gv.landsalzburg.citycachingsalzburg-1/lib/arm/
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #05 pc 0029d828 /data/app/gv.landsalzburg.citycachingsalzburg-1/lib/arm/
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #06 pc 00115e60 /data/app/gv.landsalzburg.citycachingsalzburg-1/lib/arm/
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #07 pc 001160fc /data/app/gv.landsalzburg.citycachingsalzburg-1/lib/arm/
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #08 pc 00116770 /data/app/gv.landsalzburg.citycachingsalzburg-1/lib/arm/
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #09 pc 001252b0 /data/app/gv.landsalzburg.citycachingsalzburg-1/lib/arm/
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #10 pc 000ea1fc /data/app/gv.landsalzburg.citycachingsalzburg-1/lib/arm/
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #11 pc b4522054 <unknown/absolute>
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #12 il ........ at Noesis.Extend.RegisterNativeTypes () <0xffffffff>
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #13 il 0000eed0 at Noesis.Extend.RegisterNativeTypes () <0x0eed0>
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #14 il 000000ab at NoesisGUISystem.DoInit () <0x000ab>
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #15 il 0000001b at NoesisGUISystem.Init () <0x0001b>
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #16 il 0000001b at NoesisGUISystem.Awake () <0x0001b>
04-18 18:12:26.742: E/CRASH(21885): #17 il 0000006b at (wrapper runtime-invoke) object.runtime_invoke_void__this__ (object,intptr,intptr,intptr) <0x0006b>
04-18 18:12:26.747: E/CRASH(21885): #18 il ........ at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.GameObject.Internal_AddComponentWithType (System.Type) <0xffffffff>
04-18 18:12:26.747: E/CRASH(21885): #19 il 00000024 at UnityEngine.GameObject.AddComponent (System.Type) <0x00024>
04-18 18:12:26.747: E/CRASH(21885): #20 il 0000002b at UnityEngine.GameObject.AddComponent<object> () <0x0002b>
04-18 18:12:26.747: E/CRASH(21885): #21 il 0000006b at NoesisGUISystem.Create () <0x0006b>
04-18 18:12:26.747: E/CRASH(21885): #22 il 00000017 at NoesisGUIPanel.LoadXaml () <0x00017>
04-18 18:12:26.747: E/CRASH(21885): #23 il 0000001b at NoesisGUIPanel.OnEnable () <0x0001b>

Any help with this is very much appreciated as our users get more and more unfriendly...

Re: Crashes on some devices randomly at DoInit() of Noesis

Posted: 18 Apr 2016, 23:59
by jsantos
Hi Robert,

Please, create a ticket in the tracker and provide as much information as possible (device info, dumps, development build if possible). We will send you the latest 1.2.7 beta to see if the error still happens and if not fixed we will solve it for the final 1.2.7 we are releasing this week.

Regards and sorry for the inconvenience.

Re: Crashes on some devices randomly at DoInit() of Noesis

Posted: 19 Apr 2016, 08:52
by polycular

ok great thanks for the support. I'll start to get some dumps. Interesting thing is it happens with IL2CPP compilation on android too on the newest unity 5.4.0b15.

If you can send me a download link for the beta test asap that would be really appreciated.

Robert Praxmarer (Polycular)

Re: Crashes on some devices randomly at DoInit() of Noesis

Posted: 19 Apr 2016, 09:49
by jsantos
Yes, you will have the link inside the ticket.


Re: Crashes on some devices randomly at DoInit() of Noesis

Posted: 29 Apr 2016, 14:53
by jsantos
Fixed in 1.2.6. We should probably notify Unity about it, it is a bug inside the mono arm implementation but they are going to ignore us because they are using a very old version of mono that probably they don't care.

Anyways, marking this as fixed.

Re: Crashes on some devices randomly at DoInit() of Noesis

Posted: 28 Mar 2018, 09:58
by polycular
EDIT: Moved to new topic since I cant change the state of this one (viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1356).

Hey folks!

We are currently expecting some random crashes on Android similar to the previously reported ones (The app crashes on startup on Android) but less frequently. We noticed this now because our app is in use annually at this time and is now in a beta phase.

Additional infos:
Unity 5.5/5.6
Affected versions (1.2.6f5 / 2.1.0f1 - we updated the project to Noesis 2 just to be sure)
Affected devices:
* Samsung A3
* Samsung J5, J7
* Moto G series

We already filed a ticket in your bugtracker (id: 0001255) for logcat output, tombstone and additional information.

As our app will be in use at the beginning of next week we would really appreciate some information regarding this problem!

Thanks in advance,