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NoesisGUI v0.9.5

14 Sep 2012, 13:23

This version is a preview only for Win32 + DirectX9. We are working on the rest of platforms.

With this version we include our first runtime for the platform Unity (ony dx9 for now). Please read the tutorial for more information. ... .5.3670.7z ... itypackage

The sample corresponding to the integration tutorial can be downloaded from:

  • New tutorial: Unity3d Tutorial
  • Improvements to the SDK Integration Tutorial
  • Fonts with embedded bitmaps were not properly rendered.
  • New IStoryboard interface.
  • Implemented PauseStoryboard, ResumeStoryboard and StopStoryboard triggers actions.
  • Added Pause/Resume/Stop buttons to XamlPlayer animations panel.
  • Improvements to stroke generation.
  • DirectX InputSystem no longer used in the SDK.
  • PixelWidth and PixelHeight properties added to BitmapSource and TextureSource.
  • Many functions have been changed from receiving a smart pointer to a raw pointer.
Bug fixes
  • EventTrigger was not invoking trigger actions with the correct target and namescope.
  • Focused Button was not launching Click event when space bar was pressed.
  • PropertyPath path was being serialized twice.
  • When a merged dictionary contains more than one merged dictionary, an incorrect error was thrown.
  • PushTransform matrix multiplication order in UIElement was wrong
  • Compilation errors with Visual Studio 2010

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