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Morton Buildings [Product]

03 Aug 2020, 17:43

Name: Morton Buildings, Inc.
Noesis Version: 3.4
Number of Screens/User Controls: 20

Morton Buildings, Inc, a US-based company which operates construction centers in 38 states. The company completes 6,000 buildings per year offering a variety of agricultural, equestrian, commercial, and suburban solutions.

Morton Buildings uses Noesis within Unity for beautiful cross-platform user interfaces (PC, iOS, and Web).

Infinite scroll (i.e. Pinterest interface).

Detailed user interface with pop-ups, drop-shadows, and varied opacity.

Contextual pop-ups.

Interactive column plans.

Dimensioning and engineering views.

Placement of assets ("props") for space management.

"Hero" quality which is too demanding for sales team laptops.

* Business logic is encapsulated in C#/.NET core classes which are shared across multiple platforms.
* UIs are built using Noesis XAML for clean and easy to maintain user interfaces.
* XAML styles are used extensively to match the company's branding.
* Custom Noesis user control to simplify streaming of building images for on-demand infinite scroll.

* Noesis user interfaces defined in XAML load significantly faster than Microsoft's implementation of WPF.

* Unity WebGL presents unique problems specific to Unity.
* Other than one behavior (Linear vs Gamma Rendering) which was resolved quickly, using Noesis presented no obstacles.

Features Used
* Animation (Opacity, Tweening, Transitions)
* Drop Shadow Effects (Noesis 3.x)
* Embedded RenderTextures
* Gamepad and touch integration

Noesis is an outstanding product! It is highly reliable and it accomplishes something Microsoft has been striving for throughout the better part of a decade. I am confident that by using Noesis I can deliver high quality cross-platform solutions for demanding clients. I'd like to extend my gratitude to Noesis and the entire team! Thank you!


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