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NoesisGUI v0.9.6

06 Nov 2012, 03:45

This version is a preview only for Win32 + DirectX9. We are working on the rest of platforms.


  • New demo: TicTacToe.
  • New demo: SamplesGallery. Added as a scene to the unity package too.
  • New tutorial: Layout & Panels.
  • New tutorial: OGRE Tutorial.
  • New samples: Brushes, Butterfly, Canvas, DockPanel, Grid, Palette, ProgressBar, StackPanel, StatusBar, ToolBar, Tiger, WrapPanel.
  • Improvements to the Unity runtime. Now it is smaller and faster. Errors are properly handled now.
    Changes to Enums in C#. For example, HorizontalAlignment_Center is now HorizontalAlignment.Center.
Bug fixes
  • Many bugs fixed related to bindings of NoesisGui to C# (affecting the Unity runtime).
  • Fixed: Unity runtime crashing on exit.
  • Fixed: LineGeometry was not calculating correctly its bounds when a non identity transform was used.
  • Fixed: Compilation errors with Visual Studio 2010.
  • Fixed: UserControl was not copying correctly triggers during loading process.


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