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Unity popup a warning dialog when import NoesisGUI

28 Oct 2021, 05:04

Waring dialog report:
This project is using the new input system package but the native platform backends for the new input system are not enabled in the player settings.This means that no input from native devices will come through.

Do you want to enable the backends? Doing so will*RESTART* the editor and will*DISABLE* the oldUnityEngine.Input APIs.

Unity version: 2021.1.9f1c1
Noesis version: 3.1.1
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Re: Unity popup a warning dialog when import NoesisGUI

29 Oct 2021, 11:32

This should be clarified in the documentation but since Noesis 3.1 you need to enable both the new Input System (for gamepad) and the legacy one (for keyboard, mouse and touch) in player settings.

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