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Visual Studio Code Extension

03 Oct 2022, 19:11

NoesisGUI Tools for VS Code

We will soon be releasing a beta of our new Visual Studio Code extension, NoesisGUI Tools.

Our goal for NoesisGUI Tools is to provide a feature rich cross-platform XAML markup editor for our community, with first party support for NoesisGUI.

Our goal for the beta is to make the NoesisGUI Tools available to early adopters, and allow them to shape the extension with their feedback.

Beta Release Features

Issue highlighting in the markup. All warnings and errors provided by the NoesisGUI parser are handled.

Contextual auto-complete when adding new elements and attributes to a XAML document. Available choices are types and/or properties which are suitable for that position.

Render Preview
Allows you to open a XAML Preview panel in VSCode. This panel will show the rendered output of a focused XAML document.

The Windows beta will be released with the NoesisGUI 3.2 beta. Releases for Mac and Linux will follow. The NoesisGUI Tools beta will be available on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

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