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LoadXXX methods

04 Oct 2022, 06:50


I have started to implement the Managed version of NoesisGUI into my C# game engine and was wandering: What is the proper way to use the providers?

Is there a class, in which there is a static method to instantiate them, or do I have to make a class that inherits them? If so, what is the default implementation of the LoadXXX methods?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: LoadXXX methods

04 Oct 2022, 11:15


You have to inherit from the base classes and set an instance of your providers before loading any xaml:
You can use our embedded or local providers as reference to implement your own: https://github.com/Noesis/Managed/tree/ ... e/Src/Core
Basically is returning a Stream with the resource contents (xaml, font, texture) that Noesis wants to load.

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