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Meta file conflicts in 3.1.6

04 Jan 2023, 20:33

I've just started upgrading to 3.1.6 and I noticed that lots of the meta files included have conflicting GUIDs and cause warnings in Unity. For example - Runtime/API/Proxies/GridLength.cs.meta has a GUID of 3c88babd0bf855a89a7398a084ec3a25, but so does Runtime/API/Core/BoxedFreezableCollection.cs.meta.

That's just one example; I received dozens of warning messages like this when importing to unity.

It would be ideal if Noesis could fix this, because when Unity detects conflicts, it generates new GUIDs, and that ends up making integrating new versions of noesis gui more difficult.

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Re: Meta file conflicts in 3.1.6

04 Jan 2023, 23:55

This is an important bug that must be fixed as soon as possible. I am not sure since when GUIDS are duplicated (we have a scripts that automatically generates them).

Could you please create a ticket for this?
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Re: Meta file conflicts in 3.1.6

12 Jan 2023, 20:10

I've created ticket #2489 to track this issue.

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